Good morning world

Feeling blessed this beautiful morning! French toast, apples and orange juice for my princesses! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Make the day count! Time is all we have use it wisely!! 😘

Good morning workd

Is blogging the same as a social media attack…..I’m loving this energy and the feed back I’m receiving! I can sense the difference between social media vs. blogging! Everyone seem so helpful and welcoming! Just the energy I needed.

Being a stay at home mom can be more overwhelming than I thought! From expecting one, a toddler and a seven year old is a tad bit draining… from organizing clothes to preparing breakfast lunch and dinner potty training, bathing, nurturing and just time well spent……it’s only been one month and Im saying to myself this is the life *****sighs I’m loving it****

To the mommy’s out there how does your day start, what are your thoughts on being a stay at home mommy???